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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Take A Look At The Game That'll Break Your Image Of "Mahou Shoujo"

Madoka Magica Portable is the name of the one game and anime that broke the heart of most of the fans of this genre. The most thrilling experience, mind shattering, if not evil.

Take a look where the game will lead you and what new episodes the players will be able to unearth in this first person dungeon crawler Novel RPG that takes you to every witches Lair.

None other than Fate/Zero's creator Urobuchi Gen is supervising the scenario, to ensure the certain kind of quality already present in the animation.

If you haven't seen Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica yet, then by all means do so, because there are lingering certain kind of spoilers in those short PVs you most definitely want to see animated!

That said, let's open the curtain to the devilish stage!

First Tomoe Mami

Then Miki Sayaka

After that Sakura Kyouko

and none other than Kaname Madoka

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