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Monday, February 6, 2012

Get Ready For Phantom Breaker!!

Want something more than Soul Calibur V has to offer? And something less strict than BlazBlue, where Rachel's tutorial is able to demoralize grown gamers? Are you a Novel reader and know the sound lable 5pb not only as that but also as a character from Neptune/Neptunia? Got an X360 somewhere?
Then you might want to give this beat 'em up a try

A mysterious man named Phantom grants a select few the ability to use special powers in his own tournament of duelists. Duels take place in the shadows of Tokyo as combatants fight for a chance to have their wish granted, but does Phantom really have the power to grant a wish to the tournament's winner? Does the promise of a wish only serve to mask his true motives?
Fight your way through the tournament and uncover Phantom's secrets along the way. Phantom Breaker features a cast of 14 characters, each armed with their own unique weapons and abilities.
Uncover the secrets behind Phantom and his duels through 11 unique story modes told through the eyes of 11 different duelists. Hone your skills in training mode, challenge your friends with local multiplayer or take the fight online and duel players from around the world on Xbox LIVE.

7sixty took the honors to localize this peace of art and created a webspace for the game. To go to this official statement of animestyle, 2D fighting and Novel love click here!

You will find the usual information on this site, pretty screens, an introduction of the character cast (not that anyone would need to introduce Sakihata and Makise!), video footage and the pre-order button.

There's even a chance that you might win a super expensive arcadestick if you enter a name and mail adress on this site. :D

The Special Edition is up for pre-oder for $39,99 and includes not only the game, posters, a calender but also a special casing and more!

last but not least, want to know what a custom arcade stick usually costs? Well then look it up but don't get a heart attack while doing so!

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