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Friday, January 6, 2012

New Shining Blade Trailer

Believe it or not but Shining Blade is the new entry in the "Shining" Series! This series consists of various Strategy RPGs like Shining Force and Action RPGs like Shining Tears and Shining Wind as well as the animation TearsXWind.

»Additional Information:«

The Story

Within the Dragonia Empire, a plan to revive the leader of the Dark Dragon by sapping spirit energy from the land starts to unfold. With giant dragons rampaging throughout the land and the world engulfed in chaos, all hope has turn to the retrieval of the mysterious “Shining Blade”. And thus, a soul blader is given the task to obtain the legendary blade and find Lorelei, the songtress who sings the “Song of Mana”

To make things even more delicious there are already pretty merchandise things out there that make this game hard to resist. Sakuya, the female heroine in her "Water Spirit" outfit for example.

Let's round things up with the opening animation!

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