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Friday, November 4, 2011

Wanna see Tales of Innocence-R's new characters in combat and the skits? [Updated]

Conway Tau, a powerful Magic Arts user and QQ Selezneva who's perfect close combat, are the two new PSVita only characters in Tales of Innocence-R, Namco Bandai's first Playstation Vita title.
This time with battle video and skits!

Conway Tau uses "Cross Wind","Crimson Flare" and "Raging Blast" as spells.

QQ/KyuKyu Selezneva is able to chain multiple moves like "Dancing Slash" and "Somersault Shot" very easily together for a devastating combo.

Today Namco Bandai also shared new pictures of the Tales of Innocence-R Vita app you can select between the clock and the skit via an extra title screen. That means it's probably completely seperate from the game.
Depending on your selections and choices in the skit you'll get a different outcome.
And to our regret no pictures of the clock app yet.

Tales of Innocence-R skit; pre-order bonus

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