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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Magicka Content Update/Sale!

As predicted, the Paradox Week on Steam ends with a huge Magicka sale!
75% off on all titles of the franchise, excluding the newly released "Gamer Pack".

The Gamer Pack comes with three new unique robes, inspired by popular videogames.
That is not all there is to today's Content Update, though, as there are two more robes you get for free!

As a Warhammer-nerd, I am overwhelmed by joy about the new "Space Marine" robe. He's quite strong and endures a lot of punishment before going to the ground. His Bolter does not only sound cool, but the shells explode on impact and set surrounding enemies ablaze!
He can charge with his staff, doing no damage to foes, but getting you out of trouble (or directly into enemy lines to do maximum damage).
Immune to Life, your Marine will need to rely on his Regeneration. Poison is no issue to him, and his Power Armor gives him a fire and cold resistance.
He's vulnerable to Lightning and Arcane, so be careful!

Alkaid is more hyped over the "Tron"-Mage who shoots discs that bounce from enemy to enemy, dealing damage to surrounding foes (or friends) until they vanish. He absorbs Lightning but is immune to Life and Arcane (according to description, Arcane immunity still did damage to my mage when I tried)!
You'll never die when reviving your friends with the Tron mage. If you're wet and try to conjure Lightning, it will immidiately heal you. As you don't need to press anything aside from the A-key to conjure Lightning, you can build up tenthousands of hitpoints healed.

One thing that's true for most of the new robes is that Arrowhead is now playing with even more specific traits for robes.
While the Wizard Hat DLC was purely cosmetic and the Vietnam and Patchwork Wizards had their unique starting loadouts, they've been exact copies of the vanilla wizard, aside from their looks.
The Party Robes pack, introducing Tank, Support and Rogue robes changed that, modifiying speed, hitpoints, resistances and spell strength.
With the new robes we got today, even more things got specifically changed to fit the themes of the robes - which traits these are is up for you to find out.

In case you never heard of Magicka before (which is a shame in itself, considering the successful nine months since release), or just haven't picked up the game yet, fear not!

The COMPLETE Magicka set, excluding the new Gamer Pack, is available for only $6.24/6.24€ today. Go for it, people! Only 19 hours left til this sale ends!

Space Marine and Tron are free for all - do you recognize the Gamer Pack robes?

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